Security in Cloud Computing: Chocolate Cloud’s Multi Cloud Manager

Cloud computing and cloud storage services have transformed the world of data storage for companies. Users can now store a vast amount of data in a cloud, without additional hardware or software costs, enabling fast and easy access to one’s information from anywhere. Although it is a very convenient way for storing data, there are […]

We demonstrated our first version of the Secure Object Based Storage using Intel SGX in Brazil

During H2020’s SecureCloud project review meeting, our team presented a demonstration of a first version of our novel and secure Object Based Storage solution for the Cloud using Intel SGX capabilities to create enclaves within the Intel chip itself to guarantee that data is not only communicated securely to the Cloud, but also that its […]

Cloud Backup product with partner O&O Software is shipping as Beta

Chocolate Cloud has provided its partner, O&O Software, the key component for Secure Multi-Cloud data management.Together we have built a Secure Cloud Backup solution for Small and Medium Businesses to act as a Tape Replacement solution. We call this product the (CloudCuber/Box) and it is currently shipping in Beta to selected customers with a multi-site […]

Chocolate Cloud CEO is interviewed regarding the participation of the company in the SecureCloud project

The interview appears in the Danish magazine “EU-Information” No. 3, pp. 5, December 2016 To go or not to go Horizon 2020? By Sasha Bermann, EuroCenter, Board of Research and Innovation When does it make sense for a private company to enter Horizon 2020? Chocolate Cloud CEO Daniel Lucani, gives an answer to the question: […]

Our CEO presented at the Danish Industry (Dansk Industri) meeting

The Danish Industry meeting, which took place on June 8, 2016, was a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to come and hear how their company can do innovation projects with other European companies as part of the H2020 framework and what are the opportunities available for them. During the day, the participants in the meeting could […]