Our CEO presented at the Danish Industry (Dansk Industri) meeting

The Danish Industry meeting, which took place on June 8, 2016, was a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to come and hear how their company can do innovation projects with other European companies as part of the H2020 framework and what are the opportunities available for them. During the day, the participants in the meeting could hear what different Danish companies have gained from participating in European projects and what is their formula for success.

Our CEO, Daniel Lucani, was invited to share his experience and knowledge Chocolate Cloud has gained while working on the H2020 Secure Cloud Project. The project focuses on solving the issues that arise in IT security in the cloud, particularly, if you cannot or will not trust the infrastructure software (Virtual machines, Operating System running in the machines, etc). This is a problem area that is becoming more and more critical as society is being digitized. “Big data in the cloud” was the business case which Daniel Lucani presented at the meeting. He gave more insights about the Secure Cloud Project, Chocolate Cloud’s technology and the lessons learned over the years.

Click here to find out more about the presentation.

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