Presenting the Secure Cloud project at the NetFutures 2017 concertation meeting

Chocolate Cloud’s CEO Daniel Lucani was invited to present at the CloudWatch Concertation meeting as part of the NetFutures 2017 Conference. The conference, held on 28-29 June in Brussels, aimed to identify the direction market players need to take to make the cloud a trusted and resilient commodity that can enable innovation in Europe.With the market in mind, participants came together in a series of thematic break-out sessions to identify future priorities for interoperability and security standardization efforts.

During the Achievements and New Directions for the EC Clusters” session, newly-funded projects were invited to present their objectives and identify how they can contribute to the already active clusters. The session also showcased the achievements of the clusters since their launch and focused on revising objectives based on the activities of new projects and EC expectations.

As a part of the H2020 Secure Cloud project, our CEO presented the project and talked about some of the main challenges in cloud computing – data protection, security and privacy with emphasis in the use of Intel SGX hardware capabilities to enable secure processing as an critical and unique feature to future Cloud services.