Security in Cloud Computing: Chocolate Cloud’s Multi Cloud Manager

Cloud computing and cloud storage services have transformed the world of data storage for companies. Users can now store a vast amount of data in a cloud, without additional hardware or software costs, enabling fast and easy access to one’s information from anywhere. Although it is a very convenient way for storing data, there are always potential problems with utilizing and relying on only one cloud storage provider. Surveys show that two of the biggest challenges in cloud computing in 2017 are the lack of expertise and lack of security.  

Over the years we have witnessed cloud storages shutting down their doors for their customers as well as many hacker attempts to compromise data. We even witnessed the Amazon S3 system outage in 2017. This comes to show that there are a lot of threats out there users need to be aware of, and the best way to avoid them is to choose very carefully their cloud strategy.

Now the question is how can cloud storage users avoid the danger of losing or not being able to access their valuable cloud files because of the issues mentioned before? The answer is to utilize multiple cloud accounts in a combination with effective cloud storage manager like Chocolate Cloud’s multi cloud manager. Surveys show that in 2017, 85 % of enterprises have implemented a multi-cloud strategy.

Users are now able to use multiple cloud storage accounts together and access all of their cloud files with the ease of a single cloud management interface, while at the same time dependency on one cloud storage provider is being reduced. A good cloud storage aggregator like Chocolate Cloud’s solution allows users to manage several cloud storage providers and the information stored on various clouds. Using our solution to distribute coded data across multiple locations means that attacker needs to compromise multiple locations before having any chance to look at your data. Your data is completely safe and you are the only one who has full control over it. Utilizing multiple cloud providers along with efficient cloud storage aggregator is the ideal solution to avoid any possible threat that might come across with relying on a single cloud provider.

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