We demonstrated our first version of the Secure Object Based Storage using Intel SGX in Brazil

During H2020’s SecureCloud project review meeting, our team presented a demonstration of a first version of our novel and secure Object Based Storage solution for the Cloud using Intel SGX capabilities to create enclaves within the Intel chip itself to guarantee that data is not only communicated securely to the Cloud, but also that its processing and storage maintains the highest level of confidentiality and privacy. This is critical for the highly sensitive data streams from emerging Smart City and Big Data Cloud applications and that the SecureCloud project aims to tackle.

We are currently hosting a version of the demonstration with a public API as part of one of our partners’ infrastructure. If you are interested in trying out this first version of the system, please contact us.

The SecureCloud Consortium held its First Review Meeting on February 13-17, 2017 at the “Hotel Armação” in Porto de Galinhas, Brazil, where each industrial and academic partner provided the highlights of the achieved results in the first year of the project. In particular, there was a key focus on the development status of the components that will be used for the implementation of the final SecureCloud platform.

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