Chocolate Cloud is the first Scandinavian company to be Intel SGX white-listed for production

After a year-long process, Chocolate Cloud has become the first Scandinavian company to be white-listed for production in Intel SGX. Intel SGX is an architecture extension designed to increase the security of application code and data by using secure enclaves within the CPU.

Chocolate Cloud uses Intel SGX in two solutions. One of them is the secure key-value store solution for the Cloud using Intel SGX capabilities to create enclaves within the Intel chip itself to guarantee that data is not only communicated securely to the Cloud, but also that its processing and storage maintains the highest level of confidentiality and privacy. This is very important for the sensitive data streams from emerging Smart City and Big Data Cloud applications. This was developed as a part of the H2020 SecureCloud Project supported by the European Commission.

Chocolate Cloud also uses Intel SGX in a premium Tier of the upcoming software solution for secure Multi-Cloud storage: SkyFlok. SkyFlok is designed to help small business owners run their business smoothly by offering them an easy to use desktop application to store and share data privately across multiple data storage providers across the globe. With SkyFlok users have full control over their data’s geo-location and can select the location of the Cloud, where their client data is stored. We give business owners an enterprise grade storage at a small-business price to allow them to safely share and communicate files with their colleagues and clients without compromising data on transit…and complying with GDPR regulations!