#TelekomChallenge: Chocolate Cloud and O&O Software among the Top 10

The Telekom Challenge jury has nominated the Top 10 finalists. In recognition of their ideas for new products, Berlin-based O&O Software GmbH together with its Danish partner Chocolate Cloud ApS are among the best ten participants in the category Development, beating out competition from 35 countries and 5 continents.

The Telekom Challenge is an international scientific competition awarding prizes of over 700.000 Euros, sponsored by the Deutsche Telekom AG under the supervision of T-Labs. Awarded will be innovative concepts for the home networks of tomorrow.

National and international universities and research centers along with businesses and start-ups have been invited to present their ideas for developing future, long term improvement of secure data distribution in home networks.

We are extremely happy to be part of the Top 10 selected in the Deutsche Telekom Challenge. In our partnership with O&O Software, we’re making data protection easy for our users while giving them full control over where their data is saved and with whom they wish to share it. The key is not to trust the cloud, but use it anyway.​

Daniel Lucani, Co-Founder and CEO of Chocolate Cloud ApS​ Tweet

The fact that our concept was chosen to be among the best ten is a great honor for us. Together with our partner, Chocolate Cloud, we want to develop a new approach for protecting the home user’s data which practically brings the cloud into the home.

Olaf Kehrer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of O&O Software GmbH Tweet
About Chocolate Cloud ApS
Chocolate Cloud ApS is a leading supplier of Privacy-First Distributed Cloud Storage located in Denmark. Its SkyFlok product line (skyflok.com) enables users to select cloud locations and suppliers worldwide for saving and sharing their data securely. To describe it briefly, each file is encrypted, shuffled, and distributed across various clouds selected by the user, whereby protection of privacy and data security are maintained. Doing it this way reduces dependency on any single provider, and the underlying technology allows access to data even if one of the providers is unavailable.
About O&O Software
O&O develops solutions for corporate customers that not only support them in their daily activities, but also help substantially reduce their costs. Our products for system optimization, data imaging, data recovery, secure data deletion and company-wide administration are pioneers in the Windows technology sector. Together with our worldwide network of partners, we support corporations, companies, public authorities and private customers in over 140 countries, all from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany.